Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Media Haiku
Don’t support the war
Brainwashing people back home
Always get it wrong

Battle Haiku
Battle is deadly
Before one can blink an eye
Game of life is done

Drug Haiku
To relax the mind
Some claim it’s necessary
Abusing can kill

Homesick Haiku

My mother’s dinners
Girlfriend alone at the bar
No jobs left for me

Buddy Haiku
Without I would die
Maintain mental sanity
Like a good brother

I chose to write Haikus because I found it to be a fun and creative way to express an opinion on a particular issue. These poems demonstrate my understanding of the text “The Things They Carried” because I have extracted some of the key concepts and obstacles that soldiers had to face: the media played a large role in developing a negative image of the war, battle is of course a prominent part of any war, drugs were used and abused by soldiers during the war, after being gone for so long the soldiers became homesick, and every soldier had to have a buddy to pair up with for missions and to talk to. These poems fit the genre of Haikus because I used five syllables for the first line, then seven syllables for the second, and another five for the third line.


  1. I enjoyed reading these haikus. I thought they were very creative and related to the book very well.

  2. love 'em. I especially like that they are labeled, that helped my interpret them in a more meaningful way. 25