Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Post 2 Due April 23rd

1. -The students should learn how the POW’s were treated on both sides.
-What was the conflict or reason for fighting a war?
-What was the United States’ view on the war?

2. -The man in the video thought that Vietnam should have agreed with the U.S. sooner
-I found it interesting how they never talk about their civil war
-The students are taught that the communists arose to take their country back
-A reason they are not taught about the war is because they believe they should forget about the past. This could become very problematic after the “war generation” grows old and loses power because the newcomers would not be afraid enough of war. This may lead to the decision to act forcefully to solve a problem without fully considering or understanding the consequences.
-It appears Vietnam is not really healing from the war; they just forget it and act like it never happened, hoping the pain will go away.

3. I am absolutely shocked right now. My breathing has stopped. I can no longer move my fingers to type. I am dizzier than after riding the Twizzler. I’m just freaking out at the littlest things like the bug on my wall that could be a microphone or a camera someone is watching me through, or the creaking noise my house makes when someone flushes the toilet could cause my house to collapse, or even this computer mouse could be reading and analyzing my emotions. It feels like I’m in an underground tunnel, counting down the time until I can get out of here. I can’t write anything more right now; I just need some time. I’ll finish this later.

(It has taken 31 sleepless hours for me to even attempt to finish this.)
What horrified me the other day were the internet articles I came across while searching the web in English. “The Vietnam War.” That’s it. Right there. Bam. Boom. Bang. Plain and Simple. Yet a Secret? And Why didn’t I learn about this in school? The horrors my parents were alive during? The treatment my grandparents received? Yeah, let’s just not tell the kids about this, shhh!?? Why did they, how could, for…? I give up, 31.5 hours later and I still can’t control myself, great. I’m sorry I can’t finish this now, but maybe I’ll come back to it in a few months. Maybe a whole bottle of sleeping pills will do the trick…


  1. You only needed to choose one of the persona writing options, but uh... jolly good!

  2. hahaha only the pills will help, jk.
    But i totally agree with you and also think that they shouldnt just forget their past but instead learn about it and think about how to avoid getting involved in another war like that.